Is vaping safe?

Before we look at the safest vapes, let’s think about an even more basic question – is vaping safe?

Vaping is a relatively new concept, so no extensive studies into the long-term safety of vaping have been carried out.

However, while cigarettes contain over 7,000 harmful compounds, many of which are known to be carcinogenic, the potentially harmful elements of vaping are comparatively few.

Indeed, it is thought that, despite the possible dangers, vaping is still around 95% safer than smoking cigarettes – so if you are a smoker, vaping is likely to be a far healthier alternative.

At the very least, we can say that it makes logical sense to switch to something that might be harmful rather than continue to do something you know is extremely harmful because the likelihood that vaping is somehow worst than smoking is virtually nil.

However, there are still some risks associated with vaping, so let’s look at them now.

What are the risks associated with vaping?

The risks associated with vaping can be divided into two categories: health risks, those inherently associated with vaping, and mechanical risks, those that come from using poor or faulty vaping equipment or using equipment wrongly.

Health risks

As we just mentioned, not enough is known about the long-term effects of vaping, but some possible risks have been identified.

In recent years, a number of cases of what’s known as “E-cigarette or Vaping Use-Associated Lung Injury” (EVALI) have been reported. By 2020, over 2,000 cases had been recorded – including 68 deaths.

However, the majority of these cases were related to the use of THC carts, which often contain vitamin E acetate, the thickening agent that’s thought to be responsible. This means that since non-THC vapes don’t contain this thickening agent, there’s only an issue if you vape THC oil.

Another risk is vape-related bronchiolitis obliterans, also known as “popcorn lung”.

This is a condition where the smallest airways in the lungs are damaged, and it can be caused by inhaling diacetyl, an ingredient sometimes used to flavor microwave popcorn, hence the condition’s nickname.

The link between diacetyl and popcorn lung is disputed, but diacetyl is now banned in vapes in the EU and the UK. It is still allowed in the US, but fewer companies now include it in their vape juices due to health concerns, and this chemical is something you may wish to avoid.

However, one of the biggest risks related to vaping is that you don’t always know what chemicals are present in the juice you are buying – and even if you do, we don’t yet always know if those chemicals will turn out to be harmful in the long run.

Mechanical risks

The other category of risk related to vaping is mechanical, which has to do with the equipment you are using.

This could include the risk of vapes overheating, catching fire or exploding during use, batteries overheating, catching fire or exploding during charging, vapor that is too hot being inhaled into your lungs and other similar issues.

Nowadays, the technology has improved immensely since the early days of vaping, and risks like these are constantly diminishing, especially if you use a high-quality vaping device, but choosing vapes with good safety features is still important.

How to choose the safest vape – buyer’s guide

Before we give you our top picks for the safest vapes, first, let’s think about some of the features you should look for that make a vape as safe as possible to use.

1. Open, closed or disposable?

When it comes to the safety of vapes, one of the key areas to consider is whether a particular device is an “open system” model, a “closed system” version or a disposable.

Open system

Open system refillable cartridges or tanks

Open-system vapes are those with refillable cartridges or tanks. The advantage of using one of these is that it gives you the greatest degree of freedom and flexibility over what juice you use since you can add any kind of juice to your device and vape it.

However, there are also some drawbacks that make this possibly the least safe type of vape to use.

Being able to vape any kind of juice puts you at a higher risk of using low-quality juice or juices that haven’t been approved by local health authorities – although this risk can be minimized by always using juices bought from reputable vendors.

Handling juice also increases the risk of spills, which in itself is not a huge safety risk, but using open-system vapes also increases the possibility of contamination.

Finally, with these kinds of vapes, it’s also more likely that you will experience leaks inside your vape, which may cause it to stop working or malfunction, increasing the possibility of something like overheating, fire or explosion.

These risk factors can be minimized through careful handling of your vape during the refilling process, but they are risk factors you simply don’t have to worry about when using closed-system vapes or disposables.

Closed system


Closed-system vapes are those that accept disposable cartridges. These vapes still allow you to enjoy a wide range of juices from any brands that produce cartridges that are compatible with your vape but remove many of the risk factors associated with open-system vapes.

However, that’s not to say that they are risk-free.

It’s still possible to buy sub-standard juices, and you can sometimes be sold counterfeit cartridges, so unless you’re buying from a reputable seller, you still might be taking a risk with your juice.

Then there’s the issue of using cartridges that are not compatible with your vape.

Sometimes, a cartridge might be sold as being compatible with your device, but when you try to use it, you may find it doesn’t work.

This may just mean that the cartridge doesn’t work and you can’t vape with it, but it could also lead to leaks or malfunctions, which might cause your vape to do something dangerous.


safest Disposable vape

Many would argue that disposable vapes are the safest option, especially for beginners.

This is because they come pre-filled and ready to use, so you don’t need to think about refilling or replacing the cart – you just buy it, vape from it, discard it when it’s empty and then buy a new one.

However, there is one caveat to go with this.

You need to be sure that the disposable you are buying is genuine and is produced by a reputable brand.

If you buy a high-quality disposable with reliable components and 100% safe ingredients, it’s hard to find a safer way to vape.

However, if you buy a sub-standard disposable, you’re exposing yourself to all the inherent risks of using cheap equipment and cheap vape juice.

The other downside of using a disposable is that you can’t change the flavor – but this is a sacrifice that increasing numbers of vapers are willing to make in return for a user-friendly, hassle-free experience.

2. High-quality coil

One important factor associated with safety when choosing your vape is the quality of the coil since a high-quality coil will ensure the juice in the vape is converted efficiently into vapor.

Coils all need to be replaced – except in the case of disposables – but choosing a vape with a high-quality coil will mean you don’t have to replace it as often.

It will also reduce the chance of you taking a hit from a burnt coil and getting a lungful of bad-tasting chemical-flavored vapor.

3. Heating Chamber

The heating chamber is another important component of your vape, and choosing a vape with a heating chamber made of ceramic or stainless steel will ensure you are vaping only pure vape juice that’s uncontaminated by the materials the vape is made of.

The same is true of the materials the vapor comes into contact with as it travels up the vape towards your mouth. If your vape includes plastics containing BPAs, these potentially harmful chemicals may leach out and be inhaled with the vapor.

Instead, make sure any plastics are BPA-free and food-grade for the highest levels of safety.

4. Safe “on” switch and auto-shutoff

One issue that can occur with some vapes is that they might switch on in your pocket accidentally. This might cause them to start producing vapor, or they could leak.

In some cases, they might even start to heat up in your pocket or bag, so having an “on” switch that is not easy to activate accidentally is vital.

Many vapes also turn themselves off if you don’t use them for a certain amount of time, which may also reduce the risk of accidental discharge.

5. Anti-leak tech

If you use the type of vape that needs to be refilled manually rather than a disposable or one where you just pop a new cart in and start vaping, you should also consider what anti-leak features your device includes.

This will prevent leaking or condensation when the vape is in use, and it will also ensure that you can minimize the risk of leaks and spills during the refilling process.

6. High-quality battery

Using a vape with a high-quality built-in battery – or choosing a high-quality battery for your vape if you buy it separately – will reduce the risk of overheating, fire or explosion.

7. Compatible charger

Making sure the charger you use is compatible with your vape is an important way to make sure nothing untoward happens during charging.

8. Enhanced safety features

For extra safety, vapes may also include some enhanced safety features – and these are especially important in more advanced, more sophisticated models.

For example, look out for things like short circuit protection, overheating protection, overcharging protection and overcurrent protection, all features that will shut the vape off before anything dangerous can happen if something goes wrong.

Most high-quality vapes include these kinds of features as standard.

Another point to note if you have children is that some vapes come with features designed to prevent children from using a vape or gaining access to the juice if they somehow manage to get hold of your vaping equipment.

For vapers who have children, this could be something very important to consider when choosing which vaping device to buy.

9. One to avoid – unregulated mech mods

Although most modern vapes are considered extremely safe to use, the exception is unregulated mech mod vapes since they don’t have any safety circuitry between the battery and the coil.

As a result, they are at the highest risk of overheating, malfunctioning or even exploding, so if you are a vaping newbie who places a high value on safety, these vapes are best avoided until you have a little more experience.

Instead, we recommend sticking to disposables or pod vapes while you find your feet in the world of vaping tech and equipment.

10. High-quality vape juice

Almost all commercial vape juices contain propylene glycerol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). Both are included to carry the flavorings when the juice is turned to vapor, but PG is also included to create the “throat hit” while VG is there to increase the size of the vapor cloud.

Both of these are considered safe to inhale, but you should still make sure that the flavorings in your juice are also made of safe ingredients.

For example, diacetyl has been connected to popcorn lung and vitamin E acetate, found in THC oil vapes, is thought to be the cause of many cases of EVALI, as mentioned above – so vape juices containing ingredients such as these should be avoided.

In short, if you choose a disposable vape, make sure it comes from a reputable brand that uses high-quality, safe juice – or if you use a refillable vape, make sure the juice you buy meets the highest standards of safety.

11. Nicotine

Nicotine is the addictive substance found in tobacco, but it isn’t the substance that’s responsible for most of the harm that cigarettes do to health. However, it is still a drug that has certain harmful effects.

It can raise heart rate and blood pressure, and it also boosts adrenaline levels, so it can increase the risk of things like heart attacks and strokes – especially for those already at higher risk due to medical conditions or medication such as estrogen-based contraceptives.

This means you should be careful when using vape juices with high levels of nicotine – or you should use nicotine-free vapes to eliminate this risk entirely.

What is the safest vape on the market?

All vapes legally sold in North America, Europe and many other parts of the world will have been rigorously tested to meet stringent standards, so most vapes you buy will have a high level of safety – but here are our recommendations for vapes that are especially safe to use.

3. BLVK ELLO Plus 6000


Another solid pick for people trying to give up smoking is the ELLO Plus 6000 from BLVK, a stylish disposable containing enough juice for up to 6,000 puffs that will help you fight against your urge to start smoking again.

The juice contains 50mg/ml of nicotine, and as well as the usual range of fruity flavors, this vape is also available in American Tobacco and Havana Tobacco flavors. This means, along with your nicotine fix, you can enjoy the sensation of smoking American cigarettes or Cuban cigars.

Most people who try these vapes are impressed by the quality of the experience, although some complain that the throat hit is a little weak for former smokers. A few also mention that the tobacco flavors are a little sweet, but that’s a matter of personal preference.

All in all, this is a great option for anyone who’s giving up smoking, and if that includes you, this could be the device that helps you beat your smoking habit.


4. Freemax FRIOBAR MAX 10K

Although early vapes were designed to look as much like traditional cigarettes as possible, this style is far less popular than it used to be. Instead, now we have vapes that are available in a range of modern formats, and this model is a good example.

However, it’s not just about the way it looks and feels since it performs strongly too. Each vape contains enough juice for up to 10,000 puffs, and the juice contains 50mg/ml of nicotine to keep your cravings at bay.

There’s a display to tell you how much juice and battery is left, and when the battery runs low, you can charge it back up quickly and easily using a regular USB-C charger.

We also like the adjustable airflow feature that allows you to customize your vaping experience.

Our main complaint with this vape is that it’s only available in 10 flavors, so if you want more variety, you’ll probably have to look elsewhere.

Also, we find this vape has a slightly toy-like appearance – although while some might not like it, others will probably think it looks pretty cool.

In sum, this is an easy-to-use vape that packs a decent nicotine punch, making it another possible option for people trying not to return to tobacco cigarettes.

5. Fog Switch 5500

The Mr. Fog Switch is a cool looking vape with a playful appearance that makes it attractive to look at and fun to use.

Its 15ml of juice means you can expect to get up to 5,500 puffs from each device before you need to buy a new one, and its 5% synthetic nicotine content ensures you won’t be left suffering from withdrawal symptoms if you’re trying not to smoke.

It incorporates a 650mAh battery with decent life that means you don’t need to stop to charge it up too often – and when it runs low, you simply plug it in using a regular USB-C cable to top up the power.

As with a few other brands, we find the flavor varieties a little limited, but the ones on offer are tasty, so there’s plenty to keep you going for a while.

This is a vape that has everything you need to help you stay off the cigs – and if that’s what you need, this is another winner.

6. Oxbar Magic Maze Pro 1000

This is a device from Oxbar with an original and striking appearance – it looks like a small perfume bottle, so it’s the kind of thing that people will notice when you pull it out for a vape.

It’s available in a wide variety of flavors, and importantly, the juice packs a respectable 50mg/ml of nicotine to help keep your urges to smoke at bay.

It’s also marketed as the world’s first disposable with adjustable wattage, allowing you more control over how you vape.

One issue that some people have reported with this vape is that the battery life is a little disappointing – although this could be due to the adjustable wattage and subsequent increased power consumption, so this is understandable.

Otherwise, this is another of the vapes we would recommend to anyone quitting smoking since it’s just the kind of thing that will help you kick the habit for good.


7. Snowwolf Mino 6500


Snowwolf is one of our favorite vape brands for the range of high-quality devices they produce, and if you’re trying to kick your smoking habit, the Snowwolf Mino 6500 is as good a device as any to help you achieve your goal.

Compact, convenient and stylish, it’s just right for slipping into your pocket or into your purse. Yet despite its diminutive size, it still carries enough juice – with 5% nicotine content – for up to 6,500 puffs.

It’s also a great device for producing big clouds of vapor, which is something else former smokers will likely enjoy.

However, one slight issue is that some people might not find the flavors quite strong enough, although for others, they’re probably just about right.

As we said, Snowwolf is among our favorite vape brands, and as a result, we’re sure most people will be more than satisfied with this vape, whether they are trying to quit smoking or not.


8. Horizon Binaries Cabin 10000


With 20ml of juice that provides up to 10,000 puffs of high-quality delicious juice, Horizon Binaries Cabin is another vape that we like a lot.

However, there’s another reason we’ve included it on our list of vapes for quitting smoking – and that’s because it comes with several options in terms of nicotine strength.

This means you can start with the 5% version and then move down to 3% when you’re ready. After that, you can move down again to 2% – and then you can try quitting nicotine altogether if you so choose when the time comes.

This means by using this vape, you can gradually wean yourself off nicotine, eventually switching to a nic-free vape, which may be just the solution many people need.

On the downside, this vape doesn’t exactly have the most inspiring appearance – although that’s probably not your primary concern if you just want to quit tobacco.

So if you’ve tried other methods to kick your habit and none have worked, you may find this vape is the one that finally helps you leave cigarettes and nicotine in the past.


9. WAKA SoPro PA10000


Disposable vapes that come with varying levels of nicotine are relatively rare – usually, you would have to use a refillable device that allows you to choose your own juice – which is why the WAKA SoPro PA10000 is another obvious pick for this roundup.

Like the Horizon Binaries vape above, this device is also available with 5%, 3% and 2% nicotine content, so it’s perfect for weaning yourself slowly off this highly addictive chemical.

It’s also comfortable to hold and easy to use, so it will give you something to occupy your hands when they’re itching for a cigarette.

Our only issues here are the slightly plain appearance of this vape and the limited number of flavors – but again, if you’re more worried about stopping smoking, this will only be a minor concern.

As a result, this is another vape that more than earns its place on our list and one that we recommend as an option if you’re trying to stop smoking and start leading a healthier life.

10. So Soul Nola Bar 10000


The So Soul Nola Bar 10000 is another popular vape among those who are trying to quit smoking, and for us, it’s also another obvious choice to include in our review.

It comes loaded with enough juice for up to 10,000 hits, and with 5mg/ml of nicotine, it’s another one that will be able to satisfy your cravings.

This is a particularly striking device visually, so it’s a good option for any style-conscious vapers out there, and the range of exciting flavors is sure to provide you with many hours of vaping pleasure.

One negative to mention is that this device is a little bulky, so it’s not the best option if you want something small, discreet and portable.

That said, for its looks, ease of use, delicious flavors and suitability for helping people quit smoking, this is another vape that gets our seal of approval.