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If Nicotine Is a Stimulant, Why Does Vaping Make You Tired?

Despite nicotine being a potent stimulant, the impact of vaping on your energy levels may leave you perplexed. While nicotine can boost alertness during the day, its negative influence on sleep quality can lead to fatigue. Nicotine shortens the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stage of sleep, crucial for bodily rejuvenation. Deprivation of REM sleep can result in various adverse effects, including anxiety, irritability, concentration difficulties, and tiredness. THC vape cartridge

In essence, it’s not vaping per se that induces tiredness; rather, it’s the lingering presence of nicotine in your bloodstream during sleep. This suppresses the REM stage, hindering restful sleep and causing morning fatigue. The cycle often prompts increased nicotine consumption throughout the day. Breaking this pattern requires minimizing nicotine levels in your bloodstream before bedtime, highlighting the importance of understanding how long nicotine persists in your system.


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