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Following on from our piece about clones in vaping we thought it would be a good idea to have as many of the manufacturer authenticity addresses in one useful place. buy Electronic Cigarettes

There’s nothing worse or indeed potentially dangerous than buying a vape device or tank that you thought was authentic – but is in fact a clone.

Obviously if you have bought a clone in good faith – it may be wise to check before you buy that the site is reputable and the particular product is a good copy [if such thing exists in the larger sense] – social media – YouTube and popular forums are a good place to check.

The links below can be used to check the authenticity stickers/labels on side of most vape products and to double check what you’ve bought is not a fake.

If you are in any doubt about the authenticity of the product you have bought – then first port of call should always be the place of purchase or manufacturer especially if bought online.

The laws around being sold counterfeit goods are a minefield across the globe and in particular regarding online purchases – so check local laws and get yourself armed with the facts.

Also with the trend of “Disposable vapes” there are quite a few dodgy ones floating about so it is worth checking them before use.

What to Do if Sold a Fake Vape

Here in the UK a good port of call to ‘gen up’ on your online shopping rights is the excellent website Money Saving Expert – by consumer complaints guru Martin Lewis and in particular his fact filled article on How To Complain.

Many of the more ‘dodgy’ sellers will do everything they can to refuse refunds or returns – do check the policies on auction sites such as Ebay and follow the dispute process carefully. Although it is quite easy to get a refund via Ebay nowadays.

If you have paid by credit card or Paypal and have had no joy – refer the matter to them by following their complaints procedure and good luck and stay patient because these things can take an age to sort out.

OK, we’ll update this list as we get more URL’s and please feel free to comment below on any we may have missed.

Right, onto the list and we’ll update this when and if we get more info from the manufacturers!

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