Durable Vape Mods:

Vapers seeking longevity in their devices are gravitating towards durable vape mods like the GeekVape Aegis Solo. Manufacturers are responding to the demand for devices resistant to dust, water, and shock, designed to potentially last for years. This trend not only benefits users but also ensures a consistent stream of replacement coil sales for manufacturers. Vape Pod Devices for Sale

Pod Mods:

In 2021, the vaping community will witness a merging of mod owners and pod system enthusiasts. Upgrading from first- and second-generation pod systems, users are looking for improved pod systems rather than traditional mods. The rise of pod mods combines the convenience of removable pods with advanced features typically found in box mods.

Medium-Strength Freebase E-Liquid:

Pod mods, known for producing more vapor, lead users to lower nicotine strengths in e-liquids. High-strength nicotine salts may become less popular, with 6 mg/ml freebase nicotine e-liquid being a suitable choice for many pod mod users. Stocking up on freebase vape juice is advisable as pod mods gain popularity.

Stock Up on Popular Vaping Products:

Anticipating the vape mail ban, stock up on popular e-liquids and coils before the expected surge in walk-in traffic. Ensure your shop remains well-stocked to meet the increased demand and capture new customers.

Avoid Price Hikes:

With the influx of new customers due to the vape mail ban, resist the temptation to raise prices. Keeping prices competitive will help attract and retain customers who may have previously purchased online.

Capture Customer Contact Information:

Expect increased walk-in traffic and use this opportunity to capture customer contact information. Implement email or SMS marketing solutions to stay connected with customers and offer rewards for providing contact details.

Ensure Customer Safety:

In the era of COVID-19, focus on making customers feel safe. Implement cleaning and disinfecting procedures, and consider offering curbside pickup services to accommodate those concerned about exposure.

More User-Friendly Devices:

New vapers seek user-friendly devices with features like easy coil changes and self-cleaning capabilities. The market is expected to offer more accessible devices to cater to first-time users.

The Rise of Harm Reduction:

The global pandemic has prompted smokers to explore harm reduction methods, such as vaping, to minimize the effects of cigarettes. Scientific studies comparing smoking to vaping contribute to the popularity of vaping as a harm reduction tool.

Longer Battery Lives, Shorter Charging Times:

Advancements in battery technology are extending the lifespan of vape batteries. Vapers can expect devices with longer battery lives and shorter charging times.

Flavor & Marketing Bans:

Stringent regulations may lead to flavor and marketing bans, affecting how vapes are marketed and sold. Vapers might resort to mixing their e-juices to create unique flavor combinations.

Resilient Devices:

The market will witness more waterproof, shatterproof, and shockproof devices, ensuring durability and resilience against accidents.

Industry Growth:

Despite challenges, the vaping industry is projected to grow by 25% from 2021 to 2026, indicating resilience and sustained market expansion.

Recyclable Vapes:

Addressing environmental concerns, there is a rising trend towards recyclable vapes and biodegradable components to reduce waste.

While the future remains uncertain, these trends offer insights into the evolving landscape of the vaping industry in 2021.